The interior of 2154 Runabout Dr is starting to look like home! 🏠😊 1972 sqft of living space and 1546 sqft garage! β €β € #lakehavasu #lakehavasucity #lakehavasurealestate #lakehavasuhomes #newconstruction #kelcohomes #newhome #havasu #lakehavasuboatingcommunity #lakehavasupowerboatclub #lakehavasuaz #builder #realestate #homedesign #arizonarealestate #lakehavasurealtor

3560 Tahitian is making some good progress! Soon this empty space will be full of stunning details and finishes!!! $539,777 list price 3 bed 3 bath 2150 sqft! 😱😱 β €β € #lakehavasu #lakehavasucity #lakehavasurealestate #lakehavasuhomes #newconstruction #kelcohomes #newhome #havasu #lakehavasuboatingcommunity #lakehavasupowerboatclub #lakehavasuaz #builder #realestate #homedesign #arizonarealestate

Another walkout basement! 😱 3143 Silversmith Drive is a monster house! 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms with over 3000 sqft of living space! 🀯🏠 β €β € #lakehavasu #lakehavasucity #lakehavasurealestate #lakehavasuhomes #newconstruction #kelcoindustries #kelcohomes #newhome #havasu #lakehavasuboatingcommunity #lakehavasupowerboatclub #lakehavasuaz #builder #realestate #homedesign #arizonarealestate

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3026 Arabian Drive is looking AMAZING! Once it gets its landscaping it’ll be the envy of the whole neighborhood! 2098 sqft. living, 1440 sqft. garage, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths! ✨✨✨ β €β € #lakehavasu #lakehavasucity #lakehavasurealestate #lakehavasuhomes #newconstruction #kelcoindustries #kelcohomes #newhome #havasu #lakehavasuboatingcommunity #lakehavasupowerboatclub #lakehavasuaz #builder #realestate #homedesign #arizonarealestate

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55 McCulloch Bay is a great starter home! It even has lake views!!!!! Listed at $299,200 this 3 bed 2 bath home could be yours!! 🏠 Check out our website for more info or give us a call! #lakehavasu #lakehavasucity #lakehavasurealestate #lakehavasuhomes #newconstruction #kelcoindustries #kelcohomes #newhome #havasu #lakehavasuboatingcommunity #lakehavasupowerboatclub #lakehavasuaz #builder #realestate #homedesign #arizonarealestate #starterhome

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Its summer in Havasu again!

Don’t forget to stay cool and keep yourselves hydrated during these hot months! There are plenty of ways to stay cool during the hottest time of the year!

Visit one of the pools!

There’s a few different places to visit to stay cool and play in the water in our town! The Aquatic Center is great for the whole family and even has a number of different classes you can take such as aqua aerobics!

If that’s not quite your style and your looking to kick back and relax and maybe even enjoy a drink you can visit Kokomo, famous for their blended cocktail the “Tremor.”

Or you can go across the bridge to the island and visit the Nautical Beach Front Resort’s pool! This pool has a palapa bar right outside the pool! It over looks the lake at the edge of its infinity pool!

Another great way to stay cool in Havasu is to visit the lake. Whether it be by boat or just hanging out on the beach its always a great fun way to stay cool.

Don’t forget while having all this fun to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water or sports drinks with electrolytes! Heat stroke is easy to get around these parts!

If you need a cool place to stop by on the way to or from the lake don’t forget to come by the Kelco model home! We always have cold drinks in the fridge! If you’re looking to build a home we are always happy to answer your questions and show you what your home can look like!

How you should feel about your builder

When you are building a home you should be completely comfortable with your builder!

The best way to decide if you want to use a builder is to meet with them in person! Get a sense of who they are and how you feel about them.

Remember to ask yourself if you feel comfortable and if you feel like you trust them. Building a home is more than just hiring a body it is about trusting someone to build the place where you live your life!

Always make sure to ask all the questions you have. A builder that cares will be willing to discuss and make changes as you go and work with your needs!

Many builders can be deceiving, model homes are not standard or they are not transparent with clients. So always be sure to shop around and really get a feel for the builders and how they mesh with you!

If you are in Lake Havasu we would love to meet with you! Our model home has all standard features! We care about our clients and want to make the building experience fun and easy for our clients! Check out our website for more information

Reasons to Build a Home Instead of Buy

There are many reason to build a home versus buy one. It differs by person and family as to what will fit, but there are some benefits that come only with building a new home!


Building your own home means that it is held to higher safety and building standards. Older homes were built with standards were high at the time, but compared to today they are now outdated for the materials and methods of today. Over the years engineering and the materials used have changed and new methods and research have created new standards. These new standards and materials can make your home last longer than an older home.


Warranties often come with newly built homes. This means that if something with the build does not last or has an issue it is usually covered by the builder within a certain amount of time. Most things not covered by the builder such as appliances are usually covered by a manufacturer warranty as well!

Maintenance Costs

Newer homes can mean lower maintenance costs. There is no need to replace a new roof for another ten years if you build a new home. Most components in the home will last a long time without having maintenance issues that might come with an older home.


Customization and personalization come with building a new home. With our company, Kelco Homes, we meet with the clients and have them go over the floor plans we have and can customize or create a completely new idea. The home is tailored specifically to you unlike a home you would buy. There is also the aspect of color choice. Getting to choose what type and color counter tops, cabinets, interior and exterior paint, flooring, and everything else is an aspect of customization that is much easier to do with a blank slate rather than completely remodeling an older home.

Technology and Efficiency

New homes also come with the benefit of newer technology. Older homes can be a pain to put newer technology in as they were simply not made for it. Newer technology also falls hand in hand with better energy efficiency such as LED lights and better insulation to help newer HVAC systems that are already more efficient than older systems. The energy efficiency of newer technology and building materials can save you money on the monthly energy bill as well!

These are just a few of the benefits that come with building a home! There are many more and maybe some you wouldn’t even expect. We love helping people get into the home of their dreams by building it! Having a customized home to your family is a great investment!

If you are looking to build in Lake Havasu City, AZ check out our website If you’re in town feel free to come by our model home open 11:00AM to 3:00PM Monday through Saturday or by appointment. 1649 Palo Verde Blvd S Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403!

Lake Havasu City Home Builder