Its summer in Havasu again!

Don’t forget to stay cool and keep yourselves hydrated during these hot months! There are plenty of ways to stay cool during the hottest time of the year!

Visit one of the pools!

There’s a few different places to visit to stay cool and play in the water in our town! The Aquatic Center is great for the whole family and even has a number of different classes you can take such as aqua aerobics!

If that’s not quite your style and your looking to kick back and relax and maybe even enjoy a drink you can visit Kokomo, famous for their blended cocktail the “Tremor.”

Or you can go across the bridge to the island and visit the Nautical Beach Front Resort’s pool! This pool has a palapa bar right outside the pool! It over looks the lake at the edge of its infinity pool!

Another great way to stay cool in Havasu is to visit the lake. Whether it be by boat or just hanging out on the beach its always a great fun way to stay cool.

Don’t forget while having all this fun to stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water or sports drinks with electrolytes! Heat stroke is easy to get around these parts!

If you need a cool place to stop by on the way to or from the lake don’t forget to come by the Kelco model home! We always have cold drinks in the fridge! If you’re looking to build a home we are always happy to answer your questions and show you what your home can look like!

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